Firstly I just want to mention that thanks to the amazing support of everyone sho has sponsored, I HAVE REACHED MY ONLINE TARGET! Exceeded it by £10 no less! I just want to say a really big thank you to everyone involved. It’s made me so happy to see that thermometer hit the top. To all of you, thank you.

    So it’s past midnight, so today is sunday the 18th of March. That means that we officially leave TOMORROW!!

    After a hugely stressful few days of grabbing spare minutes wherever I can to sort all the stuff out, I finally have everything in order. That means, my bag packed (as light as I could, but still fairly unwieldy), all my gear accounted for… ish, and all the admin in place, so hopefully the bank wont block my card. Also, check this beast out…

    Oh yeah. Thats right. This mutha blows the iPhone 4s out of the water. With top features including, and I quote, Dual band GSM, Fake call function, SOS Message AND… 40 Polyphonic ringtones! This baby is off the hook!

    So I think it’s safe to say I’m getting fairly excited. I will be honest and say that up until now, I’ve not really thought about enjoying it; it’s been just something I was doing. But now I’m looking at it with all the excitement of a young boy on the cusp of an adventure. 

    Its a good feeling.

    N.B. you can still sponsor if you’ve not already, right here. It would me amazing to not just break the target, but smash it like Alderaan. 

    Much Love


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  3. Working on something.

    Watch this space….


  4. blue-lagoooon said: hope everything goes really well on your morocco hitch :) x

    Thank you. We’ll try and keep updating


  5. Anonymous said: are you ticklish



  6. betterhideyourgrin said: This is a great idea and I'll try to donate as much as I can :) And also, I've seen you'll go through Sevilla in your journey, so if you need a place to stay I can recommend you some nice places or you can even stay at my place haha. ¡Buena suerte con el proyecto!

    thank you so much. Your support means everything. I would love to see Sevilla.


  7. Anonymous said: Hi! I saw you in the Apple Store last Sunday, I now know the significance of Cheltenham during World War 2, thank you! I've started learning the ukulele now after seeing your episode on Skins, do you still play? :)

    Yup, I still play a little

  8. So here’s the boots and bag which will carry me to Morocco. Massive thank you to my cousin for lending me the bag. It was that or spend 70 quid. I’m getting excited. There’s still time to add your sponsorship to the total > http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/olliebarbierihitch

    Its all for a good cause and any help would be amazing

    Ollie x


  9. Anonymous said: do you miss playing JJ in skins?

    Of course. Every day. But life hdd new challenges around every corner.


  10. tellygeek said: I will donate today hopefully they accept u$d.. As far as asking you anything. I'd ask you how good a kisser Kat Prescott is but I best not! ;-)

    One of the best…